[Free Daily Analyses] XAU 11 March 2022

by TheWarlock

Hi [name],

Today the Market Structure is  Bearish, so we will trade only resistance levels. The technical tactics propose or today is a combination between Compressed Bar With Big Volume Signal  TACTICS and Level Tactics

1. Previous Market Bearish Situation, with forming Level trading conditions.
2. The presence of sellers with big volume at the Resistance level  (limit sell Orders) 
3. Limit orders presence White squares
4. Two fake brakes of Level
5. Confirmation to enter in sell due to daily profile (bearish)
6. Compressed bar (red arrow) with big volume –  

Entering level 1995 after confirmation, Take Profit is 1952  Margin Zone, SL 2014!

Good Luck!

XAU        11.03.2022

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